Cheap temporary accommodation

Has the credit crunch left you feeling Ďcrunchedí?

Are you one of its victims? -

someone perhaps who has been forced to hand over the keys of their hard earned home and are now looking for

affordable accommodation -

Donít despair, let us provide the helping hand to guide you through the door of CHEAPPLACE -

a place where you can browse cheap alternative accommodation to suit your immediate requirements -

B &Bís, Hotels, Hostels, Property Rents,

Caravan Parks, etc. together with advice and reviews.

The cheap temporary accommodation options found here are the simplest and quickest way to compare when you may need it.

Cheap temporary accommodation quick finder offers you a choice of different ways to search for the accommodation you want with the Search options and the Category Search options.

We bring you a cheap temporary accommodation search. The purpose of this free service is to help you save time and make sure you are getting the best accommodation that fits your circumstances whilst taking all the alternative cheap accommodation options into account.


Find the cheapest places to live. Including bed and breakfast inns, Hostels, budget hotels, apartments, flats, bed sits, houses, cheap rooms and lodging to rent, caravans, homeless shelters, advice and more

*This site is a 'one stop shop' to help you find all the alternative types of affordable accommodation  in your chosen area*


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