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European commercial real estate investment

European commercial real estate investment (News (General))

by administrator @, Friday, June 19, 2009, 15:35

Cushman & Wakefield has presented its European commercial real estate investment update. The highlights are:

Trading volumes fall to €11.4bn in quarter one, 74% down on the same period of 2008.

Prime yields rose 28bp to 7.5%, their highest level for nearly 5 years and 139bp up since 2007.

Occupier markets are increasingly negative, with rents down in 24 of the 32 countries examined and by 14.5% overall (annualized Q1 growth), led by falls in the East.

Nonetheless, early signs that some investors are now ready to act – led by interest in the UK.

But how much equity is available and will the stock be there that investors want to buy?

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