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OVER 130,000 HOMES PREVENTED FROM BECOMING HOMELESS (Refuge / Emergency Accommodation)

by administrator @, Monday, November 30, 2009, 11:23

Statistics released for the first time show that in one year alone (2008-09), 130,000 households in England were prevented from becoming homeless or helped to find alternative accommodation by their local council.

The Homelessness Prevention and Relief statistics have been collated to highlight the excellent preventative work being carried out by local authorities and their partners, on top of the action they are already taking to meet their legal obligations to help people under the homelessness legislation.

Backed by £170m homelessness funding from central Government, councils in England are working in partnership with the voluntary sector and others to provide support for families and individuals who are at risk of becoming homeless.

This has included action such as providing rent deposits for households to find homes in the private rented sector, mediation to support those at risk of relationship or family breakdown and sanctuary schemes to support those at risk of domestic violence. These innovative schemes have proved to be the key in preventing homelessness, helping people stay in their homes or find new ones where that isn't possible.

Homelessness Minister, Ian Austin said: "These new statistics show preventative measures really work when tackling homelessness. Councils and their partners across England are putting Government funding to good use and nipping homelessness in the bud when problems first start to emerge.

"By taking early and innovative action people can be helped to stay in their homes and families can be given the stable environment they need to lead successful lives."

This is the first time statistics on homelessness prevention and relief have been published and the Department plans to publish these annually in the future.

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