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by administrator @, Tuesday, April 06, 2010, 11:29

Following three years of successes and accomplishments, the Homelessness Action Team has now come to an end.

A joint Communities and Local Government (CLG) and Tenant Services Authority (TSA) project, the team has helped raise the profile of preventing and tackling homelessness by working with local authorities in London and housing associations across England.

HAT's work with social landlords will now be furthered through the TSA's new regulatory framework, in particular through the Tenancy and Local Area Co-operation Standards, and through the TSA's developing good practice role.

The team has contributed to the fall in number of households in temporary accommodation. The number of homeless households in temporary accommodation in London fell from 56,740 in December 2007 to 41,190 in December 2009 - a reduction of over 25%. Due to good prevention services, there has also been a marked reduction in housing association evictions during the period.

Key to the team's approach has been the recognition of building effective partnerships to jointly identify the range of local housing needs and joint actions required. The team has worked with all London boroughs, over 200 housing associations, and a number of local authorities across England and has complemented the work of CLG's Regional Resource Team by helping local authorities to work better with their local social landlords.

Peter Marsh, Chief Executive of TSA, said: "The Homelessness Action Team has made a real and positive difference - helping reduce incidents of homelessness, forging new relationships between local authorities and housing associations and sharing good practice."

Terrie Alafat, Director, Housing Growth, Markets and Strategy, CLG, said: "Homelessness is not just about specialist services for people who are homeless. Of greater importance are the good housing management services that prevent homelessness, helping people to successfully live in the right home for them and joining up services to they all work together to prevent homelessness and to deal with it when it occurs.

"The Homelessness Action Team has demonstrated that everyone working in housing organisations can contribute to tackling homelessness."

A new TSA lead on homelessness and allocations, and a continued CLG specialist advisor role working with local authorities in London, will continue to safeguard the legacy of the team's work.

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