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Get on the housing ladder for just £61

Get on the housing ladder for just £61 (Buying)

by administrator @, Monday, September 05, 2011, 12:21

Frustrated by your inability to get a foot on the housing ladder? Don't despair!

American firm Tumbleweed Tiny House Company is offering would-be homeowners the chance to get their hands on cute, little flat-pack homes that start from the bargain price of just $99 (£61).

Little is the key word here, though. The tiny homes - some of which resemble beach huts - start at just 65 square feet, but are kitted out with fully functioning kitchens, bathrooms complete with composting toilets and sleeping areas.

Some models even come on wheels, meaning you can move to a new neighbourhood whenever you like.

And while the cheapest model is a flat-pack version to be built by the owner, there are also ready-made versions priced at $38,997 if you are not confident about your own building abilities.

That's a lot less than the cost of an average property in the UK, which now stands at about £166,000 according to the latest statistics from mortgage lender Nationwide.

Tumbleweed founder Jay Shafer said: "People spend 30 years or more paying for all this space and stuff that they don't really need. But they are starting to understand that excess is not necessarily a luxury. It can be a burden, a liability. People are living in 4,000 and 6,000 square foot debtors prisons."

Shafer, who lives in California in a home built by his company, does not think that saving money is the only benefit of living in a pocket-sized property, though. "I grew up in a 4,000 square foot home,' he said.

"But I simply do not have the time or patience for a large home. With Tumbleweed homes, everything's within arm's reach and nothing's in the way – not even space itself."

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