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by administrator @, Tuesday, December 20, 2011, 10:39

Following the success of Empty Homes Week 2011, David Ireland, Empty Homes Chief Executive will be meeting with politicians and ministers across party in the New Year to push forward new incentives to ensure more of Britain's 1 million 'empties' are brought back into use in 2012.

Mr. Ireland has already called on the government to require councils to offer empties to prospective buyers and tenants at discounted prices. During Empty Homes Week, Empty Homes teamed up with Architect and Channel 4 presenter, George Clarke to launch a campaign to bring Britain's 350,000 long-term empty homes back into use - The Great British Property Scandal.

Communities Minister, Andrew Stunnell praised the success of the series and the Empty Homes Week saying he would do all he could to push the issue forward within Government circles.

He said: "With campaigns like George Clarke's raising awareness of the problem, and the extra money and incentives from government to help make it happen, I'm confident that we will see even more progress in the years to come."

Mr Ireland said: "The issue of Britain's 350,000 long term empty homes is now clearly at the forefront of the minds of opinion formers both within the Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet and at both central and local government level too. George Clarke did a brilliant job in bringing to life the moving stories of how much urgency there is to get Britain's many homeless into new homes and how using empties is a real policy tool to be promoted in 2012.

"We have had a lot of hits on our website since the series went out, and hundreds of calls and emails and tweets from supporters. We have also prepared some special Questions and Answers on who does qualify for an "Empty" and who to contact if you want to get one back into use.

"I shall personally be writing to all Westminster MPs asking them to support our campaign at a local and national level. There is also a letter on our website people can use to write to their local paper in support of getting their council to get more of our empties back into use.

"I would like to encourage all those concerned about Britain's appalling housing shortage to join in our campaign in some way - it makes sense. It only takes a few minutes to write a letter in 2012, we just have to keep up the wonderful momentum that has now been created."

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