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Working and doing your hobbies from home

Working and doing your hobbies from home (News (General))

by administrator @, Tuesday, December 20, 2011, 13:49

Home based businesses in the UK have increased considerably in recent years. There can be many different advantages and reasons to work from home depending on an individuals circumstances.

You can save both money and time by installing a garden building or studio as you cut out the daily commute to work. An average a worker can accumulate an extra 3 weeks per year by not having to commute to and from the head office. All this extra time can easily be fed back into your business, or you can enjoy your additional days as leisure time on your favourite hobby. Your garden building is just a short walk out of your back door becoming very convenient indeed, especially during the cold and wet mornings. It can even be more satisfying when you tune your radio in to the local traffic news to listen to all the traffic chaos to which you are not part of!

With modern technology, like email, fast internet speeds, wireless connections, networking etc. it has become much easier to run your business from home and still have your colleagues on call as if they were almost sat in the same office space as you. The virtual world makes everything and everyone much more accessible.

The work and life balance is very important where invariably both parents need to work nowadays but there is still the need for time investment in the young children. Setting up a business from a garden building or studio could be very beneficial whereby the worker has their own space for the work reason, but are only a few steps away with the flexibility to attend to the needs of the family as and when duty calls. A garden building can be a fantastic and refreshing environment that provides a much more laid back atmosphere to work in, increasing your productivity, motivation and general all round mental satisfaction.

If the idea sounds great but are still on the tread mill of working for someone else and would like some good ideas of businesses that can be run from a garden building, then here are a few options for inspiration:

This short list is by no means exhaustive, but are some of the good ones which require little investment in equipment or people etc.

Bookkeeping business, Computer repair business, Internet marketing business, Custom jewellery business, Cake decoration business, Dressmaking & sewing alteration business, Curtainmaking business, Arts and craft business, Dog breeding business, Music tuition business, Picture framing business, Health consultants business, Physio therapists business, Manicurists and Massage business, Clock and Watch repair business.

If you are lucky enough to not need to work or retired and looking for a great hobby to do in the tranquility of your garden building, then hear is a list of some of the more popular hobbies that are enjoyed by many which may well be of interest to you:

Reading, Arts - Painting, Drawing, Wood carving, Collecting Stamps and Coins, Composing Songs and Music, Photography, Gardening, Home brewing, Researching the Internet, DIY and Tools, Building Models, Sewing and Knitting, Keep Fit, Yoga, Meditation and general relaxing.

Pursuing a new or existing leisure interest or working from home is always best done in a place that is for that reason and for that reason only to maximise the reward. An insulated home garden building could be the answer, but above all you must be relaxed, comfortable and able to focus to get the most out of what you do.

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