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by administrator @, Friday, February 24, 2012, 16:39

Tenants have started to stay put in one property for longer than ever before, according to figures.

The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) revealed that in 2009 the average time people rented a property for was 16.5 months, but this has since climbed to 19.3 months.

It is thought that the shift could be a reflection of the tougher economic climate as people are less likely to move for a new job or save up enough cash to buy their own home.

As a result, good buy-to-let properties could soon be harder to come by, so now might be the perfect time to begin the search for a retirement property to rent and sell up.

Ian Potter, operations manager at ARLA, suggested that landlords and tenants should make their relationship as simple as possible by creating a comprehensive inventory at the start of each letting contract.

Mr Potter said: "Landlords and tenants alike should remember that disputes over deposit returns can be one of the biggest headaches facing both parties, but these can be easily avoided if a professional inventory is prepared.

"Renters should ensure that a thorough inventory details not only the contents within the property, but the condition of them as well as the condition of the property itself. This should include fixtures and fittings - such as carpets, curtains and light fittings."

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